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Have you outgrown your tattoo? Does it remind you of a time you’d rather forget? Maybe you think it’s hindering your career prospects or you’re just embarrassed about it. We can make your tattoo regret a thing of the past. Whatever the reason you want to get rid of your current tattoo, we’d love to help.

We are committed to providing the best tattoo removal service in Sydney to achieve the outcome you are looking for. Our state-of-the-art Q-switched laser can treat any tattoo, including those with coloured inks other laser clinics struggle with. The treatment process is 100% safe, quick, relatively painless and most importantly, effective.

Anybody can suffer from tattoo regret. Don’t live with yours any longer. Get in touch and book a free, no-obligation consultation today. You’ll wish you’d done it years ago!

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Why Choose Us For Tattoo Removal?

hyAbout Us

tattoo removal sydney

Fade to Blank specialises in tattoo removal in Sydney.  Located in Leichhardt, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service that gets results. The way we see it, we provide ‘second chances’ to people who have outgrown their ink.  In fact for some, tattoo removal can be life-changing: it can enable them to rebuild their self-confidence or start a new career.

With our state-of-the-art Q-switched laser, we are able to remove any type of tattoo, including those with multi-coloured inks.  Whatever your reason for tattoo removal, contact us today for a no-obligation assessment of your tattoo. We’re here to help.

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hyOur Technology

tattoo removal sydney

Fade to Blank uses the most advanced laser technology on the market for tattoo removal.  The Quanta Q-Plus C is quite simply the best Q-switched laser for tattoo removal on the market. This European medical-grade machine is the only tattoo removal laser that has three light wavelengths. This means the laser can remove multi-coloured tattoos. That includes the rarely found ruby laser, which is specifically for removing those light blue and green inks that other tattoo removal clinics struggle with.

We also use a cryogenic cooling machine which blows out a stream of chilled air onto your tattoo during the laser tattoo removal treatment. This has a numbing effect as the tattoo removal is taking place, and greatly reduces any discomfort felt both during and after treatment.

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hySpecial offers

tattoo removal sydney

» Guaranteed results

Fade to Blank will in the initial consultation give you an estimation of how many treatments will be needed.  If the tattoo isn’t removed after this number of sessions, we will continue the treatments for free until it is.

» Pay for 5 tattoo removal treatments and get the 6th free.  No prepayment is necessary. No catches!

» Multiple tattoo removal: We will give a discount if you want more than one tattoo removal.

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 tattoo removal Sydney - Fade to Blank are experts at tattoo removal

What Our Clients Say


I have received 2 laser treatments through Fade to Blank. Three of my tattoos have been treated, with significant loss of ink pigmentation in all three, and one is almost unrecognisable as a result of ongoing treatment. It is always a breath of fresh air to be served by a down to earth and genuine professional. Thank you Fade to Blank!


I have received several tattoo removal treatments at Fade to Blank. Three for a tattoo on my upper back (colour) and two for a tattoo on my lower back (black ink). I am amazed at the results! I researched tattoo removal and talked with a few different places around Sydney. I am so happy that I chose to go with James at Fade to Blank! He is friendly and professional. I highly recommend Fade to Blank. 


I’ve just had my 2nd treatment at Fade to Blank. I must say I was pleasantly surprised; it wasn’t nearly as painful as I’d heard laser tattoo removal was. The clinic is clean and a really friendly environment. My tattoo was originally done in Thailand with bamboo and re-done in Sydney. There are a lot of colours in it and it will take quite a few treatments to fade it enough to cover it up, but I can already see significant fading after just 2 treatments.I would recommend this clinic to anyone who wants an unwanted tattoo gone.

A Sydney Blogger Writes: read her tattoo removal story

Niamh Byrne is a freelance journalist who has written for the Sunday World newspaper in Ireland. Now living in Sydney, she contributes to Weekend Notes and Film Festival Guide, writing reviews for restaurants, films and events.

Niamh has a tattoo on her lower back and decided she wanted to get it removed. The tattoo is large and has quite a few colours in it. It is also a cover-up of a previous, smaller tattoo. Researching tattoo removal she found that the only Q-switched laser able to remove multi-coloured tattoos – especially the difficult green and blue – is the Quanta Q-Plus C, which led her to Fade to Blank.

tattoo removal sydney
tattoo removal in Sydney

I’d always planned to get rid of my tramp stamp – an illegible scrawl of Thai writing on my lower back.

After just 5 years, the black script had already faded to a deep navy like some sort of prison tattoo and a small part of me worried that it actually translated as ‘Chicken Pad Thai’ …because who knows, right?

But a drunken decision in Bangkok led me to choose to cover the relatively small inking with a big, ugly, multicoloured carp fish. I’d seen a girl on Miami Ink get something similar and thought it suited my 27-year-old style, which (during this brief rock-chick phase of my life), it did. I didn’t feel particularly reckless having this etching carried out because i figured I’d just get the tattoo lasered off when I got bored of it, easy come, easy go ….or so I thought.

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