Tattoo Removal Case Study – Julia’s Bikini Line Stars and Swirls Tattoo

09 May

Customer name – Julia

Age– 28

Type of tattoo – Stars and swirls design on left bikini line.

Age of the tattoo – 10 years old

Description of the tattoo – Julia’s tattoo contains three stars and a swirly pattern.  It contains black ink only.  Most of it is hidden under the bikini area but a small part of it (two stars and a small line) is visible above.

Description of Tattoo – Julia is originally from Belgium and she got her tattoo when she was 18 years old.  She and her best friend took the decision to get tattoos one day.  She didn’t tell anybody else about her decision and didn’t think much about the design she wanted.  Her only concern was that the tattoo should be done on a hidden area of her body because she didn’t want her parents to know.  Getting their first tattoos was an impulse decision for Julia and her friend.  Julia let the tattoo artist make the decision on the design.  She asked him only that the tattoo should be completely hidden from view.  He duly inked the stars and swirls tattoo that he thought was suitable.  It was only after it was finished that Julia realised that it was quite a bit bigger than she anticipated.  Part of it was visible above her bikini line, and it’s fair to say that she was somewhat disappointed with it.

Reason for Visit – Julia regretted her tattoo almost immediately it had been done.  After a year she hated it and really wanted to get rid of it.  She didn’t tell anybody about her tattoo as she was really worried that her parents would find out about it.  They are quite conservative and almost certainly wouldn’t have approved.  She really wanted to get rid of it but wasn’t sure what to do about it.

When Julia moved to Australia she heard about the advances in laser tattoo removal technology and started researching the best method to start the process.  She then contacted us at Fade to Blank.

Initial assessment – Julia’s tattoo is an ideal candidate for laser removal treatment.  She has very fair skin, her tattoo is black, and not very densely inked. It is also 10 years old; older tattoos generally need fewer sessions than do newer ones.

Julia’s first visit to Fade to Blank

Treatment overview – Julia started treatment at Fade to Blank in April 2017.  She has since had 6 treatments at 8 week intervals.  We use 1064nm wavelength which is the standard and safest wavelength for black ink.

After 6 treatments

The tattoo has responded very well.  As you can see from the progress shot, some areas have faded completely while some of the parts of the design that were more densely inked are still visible.  They will need 2 to 3 more sessions to clear completely.  As with all tattoo removal treatments, we increase the fluence (the level of laser energy) gradually with each treatment.

Because Julia’s tattoo is in quite an intimate area, the treatment was carried out by Magda, our female technician.  Clients of Fade to Blank can choose between James or Magda to do their treatment.

Julia is super happy with the results so far and notes that her skin is in perfect condition with no scarring or textural changes.

She visited her family in Belgium recently, and after 10 years of keeping her tattoo secret she finally told her family about it. She also reassured them that the tattoo is on its way out.

After treatment – Immediately after the treatment we apply antiseptic cream to the treatment area, and put on a simple dressing to protect it for the first 24 hours.  Avoiding sun exposure is the most important thing to do after laser treatment; in Julia’s case that is quite easy because of its location on her body.

Despite being in quite a sensitive area, Julia has never has any post-treatment issues and she says that her skin recovers very quickly.  She uses Bepanthen cream in the days following the laser sessions which keeps the area moisturised.

Equipment used – At Fade to Blank we use the state-of-the-art Quanta Q-Plus C.  This medical grade Q-switched laser is capable of removing even multi-coloured tattoos safely and effectively.

No of treatments – 6 sessions so far.  The photo shows the tattoo after 6 sessions.  Now that we are in the later treatments we will leave 12 weeks between sessions.  We will post update photos as we get them.

Summary – Tattoo removal on small black tattoos is a straightforward process, and the average number of treatments required for full clearance of ink is around 8 – 10.  Because it has responded so well, Julia probably won’t need that many for full clearance of the ink.

At Fade to Blank we can remove your tattoo safely and effectively.  It won’t break the bank and definitely won’t leave a scar.

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