Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing

How much does tattoo removal cost?

We offer two different payment options:
Fixed price packages with guaranteed results, and price per treatment.

Fixed price packages

Package Dimensions Example sizes Price
S From 4cm2 to 50cm2 20c coin up to, and including, credit card $795
M From 55cm2 to 150cm2 Standard playing card up to, and including, quarter A4 size paper $1,650
L 200cm2 and larger Paperback book and larger $2,695

Terms and conditions

  • The package price is a one-off price for full removal of your tattoo. We will continue to treat it until it is fully removed.
  • The package must be paid up front.
  • We cannot guarantee removal within a certain timeframe. However, we will try our best if you have a specific timeframe in mind.
  • It may not be possible to remove certain colours such as white or yellow. We will discuss this with you during the initial consultation.
  • If you have more than one tattoo that you would like treated please talk to us.
  • If your tattoo is extra small, i.e. less than 4cm2 or for example a small piece of script please talk to us.

Per treatment prices

If you would prefer you can pay on a per treatment basis. In this case the total cost of tattoo removal is determined by the size of the tattoo multiplied by the number of treatments required. During the initial consultation we will measure your tattoo and calculate the price for a single treatment based on its size and ink coverage area in cm2. There is no additional charge for multi-coloured tattoos.

Area Example dimensions Price
4cm2 2cm x 2cm 20c coin $90
9cm2 3cm x 3cm 50c coin $100
20cm2 5cm x 4cm Matchbox $130
50cm2 10cm x 5cm Credit card $160
100cm2 10cm x 10cm Passport $210
150cm2 15cm x 10cm Quarter A4 page $270
200cm2 20cm x 10cm $300
300cm2 20cm x 15cm Half A4 page $350
400cm2 20cm x 20cm $380
500cm2 25cm x 20cm $480
600cm2 30cm x 20cm A4 page / half sleeve $580

All prices include GST. The initial consultation and patch test are free.

The total number of treatments required depends on many different variables.  Professional tattoos will usually require between 6 and 12 treatments on average.  For a more detailed discussion about the number of sessions required, take a look at this blog article.

If you are worried about the pain, and would like to use a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) please let us know when making your booking.  The numbing cream is free, but it does have to be applied an hour in advance.

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