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laser tattoo removal clinic Sydney

Fade to Blank is a professional laser tattoo removal clinic based in Sydney, who since 2015 have been providing fast, effective and affordable tattoo removal treatment for more than 3,000 happy customers.

Our state-of-the-art Q-switched laser can treat any tattoo colours, including those with coloured inks that other laser clinics struggle with. The treatment process is 100% safe, quick, relatively painless and most importantly, effective.

If you’re looking to have a tattoo removed in Sydney, or perhaps have a few questions about the process, cost of removal, time frames and how many sessions are required, then get in touch and book a free, no-obligation initial consultation today.

You’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

Fast, Effective, Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney

Fade to Blank are unlike other tattoo removal clinics for a number of reasons. Our staff all undergo regular training to ensure we are up to speed with the latest and safest tattoo removal technologies, equipment and procedures.

We don’t make silly promises or offer misleading advice or information. Instead, we will walk you through the entire tattoo removal process before we start so you know what to expect, how much it is going to cost to have your tattoo removed and how many treatments required to have your tattoo removed.

Here’s why you should get in touch –

  • Our staff are all highly trained, qualified professionals
  • We use a state of the art medical grade Q-switched laser technology designed specifically for tattoo removal
  • We provide guaranteed removal
  • Our laser tattoo removal clinic follows strict safety practices, in line with all Australian regulations
  • We provide no obligation, free quotes
  • We will price match or even beat any local competitors
  • We have helped more than 3,000 happily satisfied customers
  • We will discuss a treatment plan with you

Our laser tattoo removal clinic is available by appointment 7 days a week, so get in touch for an initial consultation and we will fit you in on a time that suits you.

Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney

At Fade To Blank, we ensure you achieve the best possible outcome with our affordable, safe & effective Laser Tattoo Removal. Get a free online quote today!

Laser Tattoo Removal Process at Fade To Blank

What Can I Expect?

Tattoo removal at our Sydney tattoo removal clinic starts with an initial in-person consultation. During the consultation, a tattoo removal specialist will evaluate your tattoo and go over the process in detail. We will review your medical history, treatment expectations, and examine your tattoo in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

How Many Tattoo Removal Sessions Will It Take To Remove My Tattoo?

The number of tattoo removal sessions it will take to fully remove a tattoo can range from eight to ten, depending on your overall health and the make-up of the tattoo. Tattoo removal treatments usually last no longer than five minutes and should be spaced six to eight weeks apart.

What Laser Tattoo Removal Technology Should I Use? What Is Picosure Tattoo Removal?

During the initial consultation, you will learn more about our laser equipment and what laser technology will be most effective in fading or removing your tattoo. Fade to Blank uses Q-switch laser to break down ink into particles small enough for your body to absorb—no matter what kind of tattoo or skin type you have.

What Is Your Tattoo Removal Post-care Process?

We find that our Sydney clients appreciate our aftercare process and follow up. After every session, big or small, our tattoo removal specialist will provide you with post-care instructions and check in with you via text to see how you are healing. If any questions or concerns arise, we are available to help you.

Are Your Tattoo Removal Results Guaranteed?

We are a family company that prides itself on client satisfaction. Qualifying clients are eligible for our removal guarantee when they commit to a full tattoo removal package. If a tattoo is not removed in the number of sessions we quote, clients receive one year of free tattoo removal.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

We determine the price of your tattoo removal by measuring the saturated area of ink. To get an idea of how much tattoo removal costs per session before you come to visit our Sydney tattoo removal clinic you can request an online evaluation by sending us a photo of your tattoo for removal.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Our clients typically find that tattoo removal is not more painful than getting a tattoo. They do find the procedure uncomfortable and describe the feeling as rubber bands snapping on their skin. Tattoo removal at our Sydney location is fast and most treatments take less than a minute to complete.

Looking For Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney –  we are here

Looking For Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney -  We are here

Get rid of that tattoo now…

Fade to Blank is dedicated to fast, safe and effective laser tattoo removal. We offer same day service, provide free quotes, and accept cash, credit card and EFTPOS facilities for easy payment. We’re based at Leichhardt, just minutes from Sydney CBD.

Here are just a few reasons why you should get in touch –

  • Open 7 days – Our clinic is open 7 days. Just give us a call and we can book you in at a time that suits you
  • Plenty of parking – We have plenty of on-street parking. No fuss!
  • Guaranteed removal – No nonsense, no excuses. Just fast removal every time
  • Q-Switch laser – We use a state of the art medical grade Q-switched laser technology designed specifically for tattoo removal
  • We are professionals – Your safety is our number one priority. Clean, safe and effective removal
  • We are highly trained – All of our staff are trained professionals in the removal of tattoos
  • Competitive pricing – We will price match any competitor or even beat them
  • No hidden feesNo surprises, no unexpected or hidden fees. We will tell you what it is going to cost before we start
  • Easy billing – We accept cash, credit card, and EFTPOS for easy, on the spot payment.
  • We have thousands of happy customers – We have assisted more than 3,000 customers across Sydney
  • We offer 100% guarantee – All of our work is 100% guaranteed

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